Riverside Youth Camp Info

We will have a Student/Parent Meeting on Sunday night, July 11 at 6pm at Riverside Community Church. Please read the info below for required medical waiver, packing list, rules, schedule, and other important info to prepare for the camp. 

Please take time to carefully read the following information regarding our upcoming July 15 -18, 2021 Youth Retreat at the Ridgecrest Conference Center.  We are joining Alexis Baptist Church from Alexis, NC on this trip. Steven Barber and Scott Jenkins have known each other for many years. If you have questions or concerns about anything concerning camp, please contact Steven Barber @ (256)599-8675 or via email @ stevenwaynebarber@gmail.com.


This form is attached.  All participants need to complete it and return it before or at the camp Parent Meeting on Sunday night, July 11 at 6pm. It is important to note that the form must be notarized for all participants who are under 18 years of age (as of 07/15/21).  Also, please be certain to attach a copy of your insurance card to the form prior to returning it. 



Please let leadership know if your child requires any medication while on the trip. Please note this on the medical form. 


On Thursday, July 15th, we will depart from the Riverside Parking Lot at 12:00 PM.  Please eat lunch prior to arrival and please come early to load luggage.  We will return on Sunday, July 18th mid afternoon. 


We will be traveling in 3 rental Van’s. There are a few students that will be coming up late due to athletics and will be riding up with one of the mom’s. 


Accommodations are two persons per room (one room will have 3) in the Rhododendron Hall.  Each room has a private bath with towels and washcloths provided.  Campers will not need any sheets or blankets. The rooms look like hotel rooms. Participants will be given a key or access card to access their room (a fee is anticipated if key/card is lost).  Lanyards will be provided to help keep up with cards/keys.


We will be eating Thursday’s supper on our way in to Ashville. Additional money will be needed for the meal on Thursday night, July 15. We will eat Friday’s breakfast, Saturday’s breakfast, lunch and supper, and Sunday’s breakfast in the Ridgecrest Dining Room.  Lunch and supper on Friday will be eaten at a nearby park (food provided at no additional cost).  As for snacks, there are vending machines available as well as a snack bar called the Nibble Nook that will be open in the evenings.  Participants may bring snacks from home as well. Each camper will be provided a lanyard and a meal ticket upon arrival. They will keep up with key and meal ticket with their provided lanyard.


On Friday afternoon we will leave Ridgecrest to eat lunch at a nearby park (food provided), then proceed to the Green River to go tubing (cost included in retreat payment).  Pics and further info can be seen at greenrivercovetubing.com .  Following our tubing event, we will return to the park for supper (food provided). After dinner we will return to Ridgecrest to shower and get ready for our evening session in the chapel. 

Important – Green River Cove Tubing, Inc. requires that participants sign a waiver form on site to acknowledge that it is understood that we ‘tube at our own risk. Everyone will need to wear shoes that will not come off while tubing, as well as a bathing suit.  Bring a towel (not belonging to Ridgecrest…but from home!) and a change of clothes to put on when we’re done. 


Participants are asked to wear clothing that is ‘casual’ (no need to dress up), ‘comfortable’ and ‘modest.’  The Ridgecrest Conference Center Guidelines for modest attire requires the following:

  • When wearing shorts or dresses, you must be able to touch fabric when hands are extended to the back or front.
  • Shirts with spaghetti straps, open backs or excessive armpit cutouts that expose torso and undergarments are NOT allowed.
  • Dresses with spaghetti or small straps, open backs, and excessively short lengths are unacceptable.


  • Use common sense and ‘think before you act.
  • Students that will not submit to the rules may be sent home. In such case we would ask you to come get your child.
  • Participants are required to wear nametags (on provided lanyard) at all times while on campus.
  • Males are not to enter rooms of females and females are not to enter rooms of males.
  • Participants are to be in their assigned room by 11:00 PM nightly, with lights out by 11:30 PM.
  • Participants should be ‘where they’re supposed to be’ and ‘on time’ at all times.
  • No practical jokes.
  • Participants will be held personally responsible for damages to any facilities including but not limited to the dorm room they occupy.


  • Bible and Pen
  • Toiletries (linens, towels and washcloths are provided)
  • Towel from Home, Bathing Suit and Old Shoes…not flip flops or sandals (for tubing day)
  • Tennis Shoes (for recreation)
  • Snacks
  • Extra Money for Meal as we travel to NC on 7/15 and 7/18 on our return trip home
  • Extra Money for Snacks/Vending Machines (optional)
  • Mask (We are not certain at this time, but there may be a requirement that we wear masks in certain indoor situations at Ridgecrest. So, please bring one just in case.)


We desire that camp look completely different than time at home. Because of that we are designing this retreat to have limited cell phone use. In the past some kids never got off their cell phone throughout the trip. So Cell phones are allowed on a limited basis.  They will be taken up soon after our arrival at Ridgecrest, then handed out nightly for use in the dorm only. They will be turned in nightly prior to lights out at 11:30 PM.  If a student needs to call home they will be allowed to use their cell phone or one of the leaders at any time.

7/15 Thursday

12:00- Leave Riverside
5:00- Dinner in Ashville (Each person needs additional money for dinner)
6:30- Arrive at Ridgecrest
8:00- Orientation
9:00- Free Time
11:00- In Rooms
11:30- Lights Out 

7/16 Friday

7:30- Breakfast
8:45- Meet in Chapel/ Quiet Time
9:15- Session #1
10:45- Huddle Groups
11:15- Go back to Rooms to get stuff for rafting
11:30- Meet on Vans
11:45-12:45- Lunch at Tomahawk Pavilion
12:50- Leave for Green River
2:00-4:30- Rafting
5:30-6:30- Dinner Tomahawk Pavilion
6:30-7:45- Clean Up
8:00- Session #2
9:30- Individual Church Times
11:00- In Rooms
11:30- Lights Out

 7/17 Saturday

7:30- Breakfast
8:45- Meet in Chapel/ Quiet Time
9:15- Session #3
10:45- Huddle Groups
11:30- Lunch in Cafeteria
1:00- Meet in Chapel for Hike
2:00-5:00 Free Time
5:00- Dinner in Cafeteria
7:00-8:30- Session #4
8:30- Individual Church Times
11:00- In Rooms
11:30- Lights Out

7/18 Sunday

7:30- Breakfast
8:30- Load Vehicles
9:00- Meet in Chapel/ Quiet Time
9:30- Session #5
10:30- Depart for Home
12:30- Lunch on way back home (Need additional money for meal on return)


 Questions? Please call Steven @ 256-599-8675