Foreign Missions

Riverside's Global Mission:  "To Faithfully proclaim the sufficiency of Jesus Christ among unreached peoples by planting reproducing churches who teach His Word, so that together, we may present every man complete in Christ."  PROCLAIMING... PLANTING... PRESENTING

At Riverside, we believe God has called us to share His truth around the world.  The great commission  in Matthew 28 tells us to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations."  A key question is to define what the word "nation" means.  This word is often viewed only as a geo-political boundary.  However in Scripture this word is used for people or tribal groups.  Understanding this definition affects the way we look at missions.  In the last 2,000 years the Church has taken the gospel to almost every geo-political boundary in the world.  The problem remains that there are over two billion people and over 6,000 unreached people/tribal groups yet to hear the truth of Jesus Christ.

In the winter of 2009, we began praying that God would give us a vision for world missions.  Shortly after we began this deliberate prayer effort, God lead us to establish a missions team that committed to faithfully pray for several months to seek how God desired us to proceed.  We firmly believed our missions program must have an emphasis on the unreached people of the world.  Through this process, God has led us to partnere with a group of churches in the United States who are actively seeking to reach unreached people group in Myanmar.

God is leading us to be a part of His work in the world.  As we move forward as a Church, we are excited to seek and find how God will use Riverside to carry out The Great Commission.