Community Groups

One of the ways we seek to "faithfully proclaim the sufficiency of Jesus Christ through the teaching of His Word that we may present every man complete in Christ," is through our Community Group ministry.  We firmly believe a Gospel-centered community is a key means by which we proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, and grow as individuals.  Our Community Groups meet regularly during the week, usually on Wednesday evenings, in homes around our area.  These small communities within our Church are primarily designed as a place for fellowship, care, accountability and the practical application of The Word in our lives.

A typical evening in a Community Group consists of:
A time of fellowship - where we enjoy the company of other believers in Christ
A time of prayer - where we make our requests known to the Father
A time of study - where we seek the truth from God's Word. Our study time typically consists of a review of the previous week's sermon with questions and answers designed to reveal and encourage the practical application of God's Truth.

 If you are interested in becoming a part of a Community Group, please contact Mike Ferry at 256-599-7872.