Fundamentals of the Faith Discipleship Course

Fundamentals of the Faith: (Check Video below)

What is it? A 13 week Discipleship opportunity to grow in the Faith.

What does it involve? Weekly, each participant will go through the Workbook provided. This includes listening to a sermon link, following along in their Bible, and filling out the workbook. There will then be an opportunity to weekly connect with a group so participants can reflect, discuss, and share what they are learning.

When does it start? Participants will get their books and have homework completed for their first group meeting the second week of January.

How do I join a group? All current Men's and Women’s Bible Study Groups and Community Groups, and Student Ministry (grades 7-12) will be discussing and reflecting on the material over the 13 weeks. If not currently a part of either- once you sign up we can help you get connected to a group.

What if I am already involved in both a Bible study and a Community Group? Will we be going through the exact same content in both settings? You will be covering the same topic, but while you will be discussing and reflecting on the same themes these settings will be designed to be different so you can explore the content from different angles.

3 Steps to Get Involved:

1. Sign up (online or at Church).


2. Get a Workbook- $5 (You can get the book starting this Sunday December 19, December 26, or Sunday, January 2)

3. Join a Group (just jump into a current men’s or women’s Bible study or Community Group)